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AMZ is a resource with information about guitar effects pedals, stompboxes, audio circuits and tips on how to build them. There are fuzzbox schematics, signal booster projects, audio mixers and much more available free. Take some time to browse the site and discover information that can help you with your next DIY effects pedal project. You might decide to build your own clone of a classic!

Browse the free pedal building info in the Projects section, the Lab Notebook, the Guitar FX blog or many of the links in the left column. Enjoy!

PC Boards are available for purchase for many of my projects, including the AMZ Mosfet Booster, Mini-Booster, SOS overdrive, dpdt relay switch, power supply pcb and more!

Latest posts from the AMZ blog page:

  • Stompbox Patents
  • I have added the Maestro Fuzztone patent to my page of effects related US patents. I often see users comment in online fx forums tha ...<more>

  • Make Your Own Vacuum Tube
  • Got any 16 mil tungsten wire laying around? [embed][/embed] More info: ...<more>

  • PNP Power Transistor Closeup
  • This is a PNP power transistor that I have had in storage for years. You can see from the stamp on the metal case top that it was mad ...<more>

  • Good Band Names
  • I've updated the page of FREE Band Names... check it out if you need a name for your rock-n-roll ensemble! Good Free Band Names ...<more>

  • Mini vs Mos Distortion
  • I measured the distortion components of a mini-booster and mosfet boost for comparison. Argggh! The graph above is not accurate. ...<more>

  • FV-1 Dev Board
  • Here is my FV-1 prototype setup. I folded a piece of aluminum to act as a chassis, then mounted my SPN1001-DEV development board o ...<more>

  • Through-Hole J-Fets
  • As previously reported, many through-hole jfets have been discontinued and the prices for old stock has gone up 4x to 10x in recent w ...<more>

  • FCC Part 15 requirements for pedals
  • Over EIGHT years ago, I posted a note over at DIYstompboxes about testing requirements for digital devices, including guitar effects ...<more>

Some of the projects that can be made with the AMZ pc boards:

  • Jfet mu-follower boost
  • Mosfet booster pedal
  • Guitar Direct Box
  • Dual Output Booster
  • Boost and Buffer
  • Dual Buffer
  • Re-amplifying Interface
  • Silicon Transistor Booster
  • AMZ Muffer
  • AMZ Muffmaster
  • A Dirty Boost
  • AC128 Germanium Transistor Booster
  • PNP Rangemaster-type Treble Booster
  • Germanium Transistor Buffer
  • Jfet Transistor Booster
  • Jfet Transistor Buffer/Line Driver
  • Mosfet Transistor Booster (not the AMZ Mosfet Booster)
  • Mosfet Buffer
  • Power Supply Filter
  • 9v-to-18v charge pump
  • True Bypass Relay System
  • and more!

AC128 transistor GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS: I have plenty of the 2N1309 and 2N404 germanium transistors, fully tested and guaranteed. They work great in fuzz or booster circuits. Order a pair before they are gone.


Quick Links to AMZ Content
•   Technology of the Mini-Booster
•   The Case Against True Bypass?
•   Is it Legal to Clone?
•   How to wire a DPDT Switch
•   Fretboard Care
•   My Homebuilt AX84 Amp
•   Free Soundcard Oscilloscopes!
•   How to Solder
•   Dr. Quack, Mosfet Boost, Mini-Booster and more!
•   Capacitor FAQ
•   Info About Copyrights
•   AMZ Sitemap

Update - Read about the history of the AMZ Mini-Booster circuit, its origins, and pre-Internet status.

NEW ARTICLES! Bypassing the BMP tone control is a new article in the Lab Notebook section of the site. The Double Tone Control, Tone Clippers and the basics of Pedal Impedance are also recent additions.

The Mosfet Booster, Mini-Booster, Overdrive Pro, Shaka 5 and other complete, ready-to-build guitar effects are located on the AMZ Projects page. Top quality and Excellent sound is Guaranteed. Build one today!

Is it Okay to Clone? Get the info about circuit cloning and copycat pedals!

The Q&D Compressor articles are still available here but the SSM2166 chips are sold out.

The previous AMZ home page is still available as it contained a few links not on this revised version.

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A Close Look at The Big Muff and Proco Rat
by Jack Orman
Our Price: $7.00
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Big Muff Pi Distortion

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Analog Music Projects v1.1; Mini-booster Issue

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